Grief Support Hero Essay Winner 2017


Originally Posted: May 15, 2017

Five years ago I lost my father to a heart attack. The death of anyone you know will be difficult even more so when it’s a member of your immediate family. The tragedy impacts each and every person who had connections with the deceased and finding strength in others becomes just that much harder.

It took each and every member of my family coming together to get me through it. Amongst those, it was my brother who I would consider to be my grief champion. As my fathers’ only children it hit both of us equally hard. We handled it in different ways but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have known what to do without him.

He would show his grief outwardly but was nothing but strong when it came to consoling me. It was he that went through a large portion of the details that needed to be taken care of (insurance, etc.). Finally, he was the one that was strong enough to say exactly what I felt needed to be said while delivering my father’s eulogy.

I was very lucky to have the support system I did during this hard time. I was even luckier to have someone as great as my brother to continue to look to as my role model even when he was as broken as he has ever been. We made it through and our father lives on in each of us and for that I want to say thank you.

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