Grief Supporter Tip #6: Avoid Giving Advice.

Grief Relief Tip

From the first moment after a loved one dies, people will offer unsolicited advice to the bereaved. From what should be done with the body and possessions to how to “get over it.” Try not to join the choir of these voices if you want to be of assistance. Feel free to offer condolences, continued support, love and help. Of course, if the person grieving asks for your advice specifically, share your own personal opinion but let them know it is your view only. You will never be in their exact shoes. You can explain your reasoning as to your thoughts. However, it is important to remind them that they have to ultimately be the one to make the decision(s). And, let them know you will be there to support them whatever they choose.

Please remember this is one suggestion for how to help support those in grief. Please feel free to review more of our tips here. And, always remember, you don’t have to journey alone…even as a supporter!

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