SolaceShow: April 2, 2018 Grieving in the Workplace with Amy Matthews

On the first segment of the SolaceShow, Amy Matthews shared the “other side” of grieving in the workplace. She discussed ways in which employers can be more supportive of their employees including being flexible and “thinking outside of the box.” There is more work to be done and a variety of factors to consider as it relates to business’s bereavement policies. She indicated being willing to assist HR professionals and businesses alike. She can be contacted at

About Amy Matthews

Amy Matthews joined the Nevada Association of Employers in June 2017, with a focus on Southern Nevada. Amy brings a unique perspective to its members, having been a private sector executive level HR employee as well as operating as an independent HR consultant.

She is a native Las Vegan with 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Operations, Training and Compliance, and is certified in Human Resources Management and Employment Law.

April SolaceShow

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