SolaceShow: June 11, 2018 The Science of Regulating Hard Emotions with Joyce and Darwin Bosen

SolaceShow: June 11, 2018 The Science of Regulating Hard Emotions with Joyce and Darwin Bosen

On June’s live broadcast, Dr. Donaldson spoke with Darwin and Joyce Bosen, co-founders of Trauma Recovery Yoga (T.R.Y.). They explained what TRY is, its beginnings and how they are changing their community with hopes of making a difference in society as a whole. To watch the two segments, visit our YouTube account:


For more information on the Bosens:

Joyce has over 10 years of living a yogi lifestyle. She had received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification in Ashtanga yoga after shadowing her mentor Ki F. Kosut at the Ki-Atsu LMT, CPT, RYT at Institute of healing arts for 12 months she also honed her skills as an Ayurveda Consultant. Joyce is also a certified T.M. (Transcendental Meditation) instructor. Shortly after Joyce created a class called S.O.S. (seriously out of shape) and taught in back rooms of salons and spas to those who were obese, physically, medically, or emotional unable or unwilling joining a typical yoga class at a gym or studio.
After witnessing the death of her 22-year-old Joyce began volunteer teaching at the vet center her style of soul nurturing yoga. Joyce now finds herself blessed to be contracted to teach: at-risk youth at multiple schools, traumatic brain injury patients, PTSD vets and over-comers of other traumas such as traumatic grief, sexual assault, and domestic violence. She walks in a yoga lifestyle and feels privileged to be living her Dharma helping others through her organization T.R.Y.

After 30+ years in the corporate marketing and retail world, Darwin decided to use his business education, experience, and skills to make a social impact on the community. Darwin committed his career and passion to fighting hunger in Southern Nevada through running the Operations and Community Collaborations of Southern Nevada’s only food bank and largest non-profit. During this time Darwin and Joyce met and built a wonderful loving relationship and family. Darwin shared Joyce’s passion for helping individuals in our community and although his career was in feeding peoples hunger, feeding their souls was a greater passion. Joyce and Darwin decided they could help trauma survivors through forming Trauma Recovery Yoga. “Through my relationship with Joyce and the agencies I served I became acutely aware of the prevalence of trauma throughout the community and the profound positive impact yoga, meditation and breath work, can have for an individual suffering from trauma and it’s lingering effects.”

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