SolaceShow: March 5, 2018 Social Media and Grief with Nicole Sharp

Nicole Sharp, owner of Lev Social Marketing, specializes in online communication for business. She essentially creates a type of marketing for business which evokes emotion from current and potential clientele online and in social media. Whether the desired feelings are trust, confidence, happiness or any other emotion the client would want to compel their audience to action. The same effect, emotional responses, happen when any of us share on social media.

When so much time is online for business, information gathering and socializing, how we communicate becomes more & more important. Nicole will be discussing during this episode of SolaceShow about how we can communicate more effectively online with others during times of grief. We will discuss some apps and platforms which may be more satisfying to use rather than a ‘So sorry for your loss’ comment, a heart or a crying emoji on a Facebook status. We will chat frankly and honestly about grief sharing on social media and how you can be a better grief supporter on social.

Please watch the segment here:



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