SolaceShow: The Transformative Power of Grief with Glen Alex

On September 10, 2018, Glen Alex shared on SolaceShow her personal experience of the death of her brother and how that influenced her book, Living in Total Health. She also provided some helpful tips on how to be in Total Health while grieving. Watch to learn more!

More about Glen Alex:

Glen’s life’s work is about health. She believes in a healthy body, mind, and spirit as the full expression of humanity. So health is at the forefront of her life. Whether in massage therapy, social work, charity work, or interpersonal relations, Glen puts her healthiest foot forward. In her work as a speaker, coach, educator, clinical social worker, massage therapist, or the executive director of G. Alex Foundation, Glen makes overall health the primary focus of her endeavors because of her lifelong belief in health as the ticket to personal empowerment and growth, connection to God, and connection to joy.

April SolaceShow-13

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