Grief Supporter Tip #5: Lend a Hand.

Grief Relief Tip

In the aftermath of death, there is an incredible amount of work to be done. It does not stop after the funeral, either. In the grief haze, few mourners are able to clearly state what they need. However, in general, there are some givens. Incoming relatives need to eat. Bringing over food is definitely welcomed that first week but also in the months following when grief can be the most debilitating. Depending on how close you are to the bereaved, you could offer to watch the kids while the person is busy meeting with funeral directors, insurance companies, employers, etc. Coming over to clean the house, tend to their yard, go grocery shopping, do the laundry, and making phone calls are a few needed chores you might want to consider. Is there something at which you are skilled or proficient? Doing taxes? Organizing? Putting together scrapbooks? Coordinating people? These are all things that could come in handy to someone in grief. Please keep in mind, they might decline your offer. If they do, let them know that your offer still stands if they change their mind or if they need it sometime down the road. Write it down for them in case they forget along with any other information related to what you can help do. After the dust settles, it can be hard to remember who said they could do what. If necessary, remind them. And, remember that even the little things you do can help in huge ways. Do not be afraid to bring it up.

Please remember this is one suggestion for how to help support those in grief. Please feel free to review more of our tips. And, always remember, you don’t have to journal alone…even as a supporter!

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