What’s In a Name? Why SolaceClub?


Originally Posted: February 27, 2017

It was over 14 months ago when we had the idea which would became our company. We knew there was a need for a service to help people support one other in grief. As we talked about the specific needs of the grieving, we realized that grief extends far beyond the loss of loved ones through death. People suffer from grief after divorces, break ups, relocations, job losses, etc. Grieving also happens with positive changes, too. Graduation from high school or having a baby are just two examples. As we considered names, we did not want to focus solely on the “grief” aspect. We wanting to provide people experiencing grief with solace.

Solace (n) : comfort in grief; a source of relief or consolation www.Merriam-Webster.com

Even the sound of this word is soothing. Solace. The word alone helped us to formulate our mission and goals. In thinking about what brings solace to those grieving, we knew we wanted to promote continued contact between the person grieving and their support circle. We focused on how our care packages could provide some bit of solace for its recipient each month. We built our mission, our goals and our brand to encourage trust and a feeling of comfort, relief, and solace . It proved to be a very powerful word.

Now, what about the “Club” part? Its origin developed in my own mourning period. After my husband died, I would tell people that I felt like I had joined a club. I had never asked to join this club and would never have wanted to. It is a feeling that many others have expressed to me since then. With Solace “Club,” the people would be able to be able to choose this club. The new club would would help them deal with the other “club” they had been forced to join.

Over the last year, our company has evolved into something much more than two words pushed together. Based on the feedback from many of our customers, our own experiences and those who have heard about what we are doing, we can say that we have truly created SolaceClub.

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